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Interested Applicants can communicate to Dr Falguni Pati ( with their project proposals aligned with BioFabTE research goals

Join research in #Bioprinting #OrganModeling #BioinksforBioprinting #TERM (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine)  in BioFabTE Lab

CSIR/UGC/DBT/ICMR/DST-INSPIRE qualified candidates willing to do PhD in BiofabTE lab can communicate to

BioFabTE Lab will support NPDF or other PDF applications from deserving candidates with research focus aligned with our research themes

Biofabrication and Tissue Engineering Lab at IITH focuses on developing innovative tissue engineered products, drug delivery platforms and in vitro tissue/organ models with 3D bioprinting technology along with the development of novel bio-inks, bioprinting methods and protocol for production of tissue analogs-on-demand

Dr Pati designed and developed a course on Biofabrication for the postgraduate students at IITH.

    Latest Info

  • Hybrid Course offered by Dr Falguni Pati for IITH students is now open for others 


  • Vijayasankar has received Research Excellence Award on 15th Foundation day, 2023.
  • Lubna Zeenat has received first prize for presentation at a conference organized by MNIT Bhopal, 2023
  • Abhishek Dash has received the IIT-H Research appreciation award on 14th Foundation Day, 2022.
  • Kiranmai Gaddam, PhD student in the Biofab TE Lab has secured the Prime Minister's Research Fellow, 2022 
  • Sriya has secured first place in poster presentation in the 3D cell culture workshop-January 2022 at ICT Mumbai in 3D Bioprinting category.
  • Dr Ramya has been awarded with the SRISTI GYTI Appreciation 2021 for her research work "Osteoinductive personalized bone grafts by 3D printing of novel natural fiber-reinforced composite for maxillofacial reconstruction."
  • Meenu TS has secured DST INSPIRE fellowship for pursuing PhD (2020-25)
  • Anshika Tyagi has secured DST INSPIRE fellowship for pursuing PhD (2020-25)
  • Acceptance of research article entitled "Thickening of Ectatic cornea through regeneration using decellularized corneal matrix (DCM) injectable hydrogel- A strategic advancement to mitigate corneal Ectasia" in ACS applied Biomaterials, 20 August, 2021.
  • Acceptance of research article entitled "Integrated 3D printing-based framework- a strategy to fabricate tubular structures with mechano-compromised hydrogels" in ACS applied Biomaterials, 13 August, 2021.
  • Shibu Chameettachal Interview with Bio Patrika
  • Soham Ghosh, PhD student in the Biofab TE Lab has secured the Prime Minister's Research Fellow (PMRF; 2020 in the Direct Entry Category
  • Shibu Chameettachal received the Cutting Edge Innovation BIRAC-GYTI Award 2018 from the Honorable President of India.
  • Shibu Chameettachal was selected for the training program on "Generation and Maintenance of Human iPS cells" Kyoto University, Japan, CiRA, where Dr Shinya Yamanaka first succeeded in the establishment of iPS cells works for which he won the Nobel prize for medicine in 2012. 
  • Shyama Sasikumar was selected as a part of a joint PhD program between IIT-H and Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne & recipient of Fullbright Nehru Doctoral Research Fellowship for the year 2019-2020.
  • Dr Ramya Bojedla and Ashis Kumar Bera were selected as a part of joint PhD program between IIT-H and Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne. 

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